Thursday, April 30, 2009

i should be at school today,

but i'm not. i'm home sick, again.
i sound like a man, it's rather entertaining to my parents.

auckland was alot of fun, i miss Candice already.

in sociology we're learning about female genital mutilation.
it's disgusting. it really opened my eyes though.

i take a lot for granted, even being able to pee properly.
i know it sounds funny to say that but, it's true. the things that the girls have to go through, and the results and effects it has once they've gone through the process of 'becoming a woman', which is circumcision (fgm). it's horrible and gross.

we're reading a book called desert flower. it's about this woman who has had fgm done and her life now.
it's really interesting.

but the fact that it says she took like, ten minuets to pee kinda made me think.
we take so much for granted, even the most simplest and natural things. like going to the toilet easy. people complain about the silliest things and alot of us have it easy as. it's dumb how some people are, but we all do it.

i think i'm going to stop taking so many things for granted from now on, and be way more grateful about the simple things i have and can do.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i'm happy.

i'm happy happy happy.

i had an aaaaaaaaaaamazing night lastnight.

acoustic shows, the fan, ''milk was a baaaaad idea'', memorial park, the circus, creepy clowns, carnies with paintball guns, vance getting abducted by the carnies, police, vance getting arrested, running fast, mcds, sleepover, jerusha patting me because she was dreaming she was patting her dog. best night of the holidays.

i like tga missions and new friends. (:
auckland tomorrow, i'm so so so happy.
been counting down the days and it's finally here.
so close i can almost taste it!
i miss lauren though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


today was kind of a blah day, one of the days where you're uninspired and feeling super overwhelmed. just one of those blue days you get every once in awhile.

i coloured my hair though, made my day better, i like change.

i know tomorrow i'm going to wake up feeling good though, get to see my darling friend caylin.
we're going to bake and read, and i'm thinking about playing a song i wrote to her. (:
then we're going to walk to church and get coffee, which i'm excited about.

i'm also excited about primal tomorrow, i just have that feeling that it's going to be amazing.

i'm drinking a nice cup of chai tea, brilliant.

i get to see my beautiful candice soon, four sleeps. i miss her dearly.
i like that even with all the distance and land between us, we still remain as close as close can be.

even if today was one of those days, i'm still so happy because i have so much to be grateful about and so much to look forward to.

it's getting late, time for bed.

Monday, April 13, 2009

lazy lazy day.

i haven't much been in the mood for anything today.
when i woke up i opened my curtains and looked out to see a dull grey sky.
so, i made a nice pot of tea and jam on toast and hung out with my mum and baby brother for a while.

it was nice, i missed them while i was away. even if it was only a weekend.

showered and relaxed, then hopped back into bed with an ice tea and my laptop.
emailed my friend in japan, i miss her.
and now i'm posting my third blog today.

i've got lots floating around in my head.

i might go to a book store tomorrow, i want a book of quotes or poetry.
also i might go to a second hand store, and then i'm going to visit lauren.

i've got, your love means everything by coldplay on repeat.
it's beautiful.

i like lazy days.


alot of things are changing latley, everything, from people, to the weather, to my hair colour.

but, he will always remain constant.

''your grace, your love it saved us all.
my heart, my soul it belongs to you.''


"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

Marcel Proust

Thursday, April 9, 2009

invisible children.

invisible children: rough cut.
a documentry that changed my life, and broke my heart.

i can say, i have seen the unseen and i'm so so happy i have.
i saw it for the first time about 6months ago and i've never stopped thinking about it.
it's heart breaking.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


the other day a friend told me about a message he heard in church, the main focus was to count it all as joy. good and bad.

i quite liked the idea of it.

it made me think about alot, and how instead of getting upset about the bad things happening, i can count them as joy. i can count them as lessons.

what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. right?

so on sunday, i began to count it all as joy. it's kinda hard at times.but really cool too, makes you see things in a new way. i like it.

i have so so much to count as joy, and even when bad things happen.
it can be worse. (:

i'm counting it all as joy, good and bad.

fresh start.

this blog originally started off as something my bestfriend, lauren, and i were going to do.
but we both want separate ones.

so, i'm starting fresh (:

starting fresh, not only with this blog, with everything.
new is good.

i'm starting fresh with everything, taking life as it comes.
not letting things hold me back, or hold me down.
i'm young, and still learning and enjoying this big adventure we call life

i'm happy and content right at this moment, life's good.
i have great friends, a great family, and a great life.