Monday, September 19, 2011

how many people have you slept with?
that's always the big question. and the answer always comes with the chance of you being a slut. it's worse for girls, if a girl has a high number she's a whore... yet, when a boy has slept with a high number he's the man. i don't see how this shit works aye? my flat mate has slept with more than three times the people i have... yet, he says i'm a "little whore". i'm not even the bloody double digits yet. yeah, sex may not be a big deal to me... maybe it's because i think love is all shit and people are always confusing lust for love. or, maybe it's the fact i have my issues and sex just means nothing but sex. but, back to my point. where's the equality at boys?! you're just as slutty, if not sluttier than i am by sleeping with so many more people than me. so, how 'bout you check out the log in your eye before you hassle me about the twig in mine, aye?