Monday, April 13, 2009

lazy lazy day.

i haven't much been in the mood for anything today.
when i woke up i opened my curtains and looked out to see a dull grey sky.
so, i made a nice pot of tea and jam on toast and hung out with my mum and baby brother for a while.

it was nice, i missed them while i was away. even if it was only a weekend.

showered and relaxed, then hopped back into bed with an ice tea and my laptop.
emailed my friend in japan, i miss her.
and now i'm posting my third blog today.

i've got lots floating around in my head.

i might go to a book store tomorrow, i want a book of quotes or poetry.
also i might go to a second hand store, and then i'm going to visit lauren.

i've got, your love means everything by coldplay on repeat.
it's beautiful.

i like lazy days.

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