Wednesday, April 15, 2009


today was kind of a blah day, one of the days where you're uninspired and feeling super overwhelmed. just one of those blue days you get every once in awhile.

i coloured my hair though, made my day better, i like change.

i know tomorrow i'm going to wake up feeling good though, get to see my darling friend caylin.
we're going to bake and read, and i'm thinking about playing a song i wrote to her. (:
then we're going to walk to church and get coffee, which i'm excited about.

i'm also excited about primal tomorrow, i just have that feeling that it's going to be amazing.

i'm drinking a nice cup of chai tea, brilliant.

i get to see my beautiful candice soon, four sleeps. i miss her dearly.
i like that even with all the distance and land between us, we still remain as close as close can be.

even if today was one of those days, i'm still so happy because i have so much to be grateful about and so much to look forward to.

it's getting late, time for bed.

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