Thursday, April 30, 2009

i should be at school today,

but i'm not. i'm home sick, again.
i sound like a man, it's rather entertaining to my parents.

auckland was alot of fun, i miss Candice already.

in sociology we're learning about female genital mutilation.
it's disgusting. it really opened my eyes though.

i take a lot for granted, even being able to pee properly.
i know it sounds funny to say that but, it's true. the things that the girls have to go through, and the results and effects it has once they've gone through the process of 'becoming a woman', which is circumcision (fgm). it's horrible and gross.

we're reading a book called desert flower. it's about this woman who has had fgm done and her life now.
it's really interesting.

but the fact that it says she took like, ten minuets to pee kinda made me think.
we take so much for granted, even the most simplest and natural things. like going to the toilet easy. people complain about the silliest things and alot of us have it easy as. it's dumb how some people are, but we all do it.

i think i'm going to stop taking so many things for granted from now on, and be way more grateful about the simple things i have and can do.

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