Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oh for fucks sake, some people are such cunts.
i don't like that word, but in this situation it's the only word close to fitting. i had no idea that we were still in high school, and that it was still okay to be a pathetic rumor spreading twat. no, i do not have chlamydia. yes, i was at the doctors because there is something wrong with my lady land... i have some fucked up issue with my ovaries that causes me to pass out and possibly not have kids. not the clap. so, if you're gonna be a fucking twat and say i gave you the clap go right ahead. i'll tell people the truth and you will look like a fucking idiots because 1. we used s condom. 2. when i found out what was wrong, i got an std check that was clean. and i had that two weeks ago, we had sex months ago. 3. you are a fucking idiot, so keep making yourself look like a fool. talk is cheap, and kicking you in your not so pleasing cock is priceless. 

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