Sunday, August 14, 2011

liz 'fg' said it perfectly when she said "your frush is pretty much a sticky substance that lingers and there's no pill or cream to fix it." 

but, i think it's probs worse when they use the b word, yup best friend. having a crush on a best friend... oh get worse. do you have any idea how much of an awkward situation it is?! it's an unavoidable situation though. you spend time together, you get to know each other and you get to know secrets and obviously, spending so much time together, it's bound to happen. you start crushing. 

do you have any idea how awkward it is when you know you're crushing and you're starting to get the idea he's crushing too?! ffffffff. talk about mind fuck. there's already a super tight bond there, and he starts being cute and flirty... yeah, that's something new. well, not completely new. he's a flirty boy, just not usually with you. untill recently. you hang out more, he asks you to "please come to beer pong tonight". you go, he randomly puts his arm around you (not like the bffl arm over the shoulder, that ugly thing cute couples do that make you wanna vom all over yourself), kisses your forhead goodbye. then, you go out to a party together, he randomly holds your hand, and... dun dun dun, he ends up kissing you. 

yeah, i'm in this situation... and, now that the friend zone slash possible more than friend zone is being all blurred and mixed up, my head is even more mixed up. good one, sammy. pretty sure it can't get more awkward now. and, i'm all like "weeeh do i give it a go, or nah." and "wait, omg i i did not just pash him." and, "fuck this better not ruin the friendship." because, obviously it's easier when you "frush" secretly and just stay bffls.

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liz 'fg' said...

hey! thanks! i know EXACTLY how this feels. UGHHHHHH

oh, hello sammy. said...

ha, no worries hun! we seem to think the same about a lot of stuff. and bro, it's so rubbish huh?! so confusing.