Monday, August 15, 2011

ffffffff off with your negativity!
man, i'm so sick and tired of peoples negative shit. seriously, i know shit can be hard. trust me, i know. it's one reason i keep my blog and a journal. but, facebook? really? i don't give a shit. i know it's rude, but when i'm upset i don't want the whole world knowing... i don't mind vom all over my blog for attention (i'm pretty sure no one reads it anyway, haha) i mind vom on my blog to get it out. if i wanted to be an attention seeking twat, i'd bitch and moan over facebook like a 15yr old. but seriously, i'm 18 and i know it's stupid. everyone needs to grow up and get over the little things. life's way to short to worry about the little things. i'm  sick of people complaining about so much tiny shit as if it's the end of the world. i've seriously been to hell and back, yet i don't bitch and moan for everyone to see. grow up, please and thankyou.

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