Tuesday, July 19, 2011

seriously, at high school we were almost never apart until your new group of friends came along. they have the same beliefs as you, same morals, same faith. all things i lacked. but, at least i didn't lack loyalty like you.

at the end of the year you promised that you'd stick by me. you knew i was worried about everyone moving off to uni and growing up and changing. you promised me that you'd stick by me. we were two of the small few staying at home. yet, i never see you. i never hear from you. it's like we're strangers. like everything we went trough doesn't matter? boy, it hurts. i thought of all people you would never break a promise. but, hey. look at us now. oh wait... there is no us.

you're to stuck in your perfect world, with your perfect friends, living your perfect life. well, y'know what? screw you. i tried. you didn't. so, i'm not blaming myself for the lost "friendship", i'm blaming you. i tried, and over and over again you didn't make an effort. i'm over making an effort for those who don't bother to make an effort for me.

i hope you read this, and realise this is about you. because yeah, it is about you and for you.
read it and weep honey,
read it and weep.

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