Friday, July 15, 2011

lastnight i was asked why i don't have a boyfriend...

um, if i knew do you think i'd maybe have one? i have no idea why i don't have a boyfriend, or why i'm always the single one out of all my friends. i just am. it's not that i do or don't want a boyfriend. i'm just, not really bothered about being single... yeah i get lonely. but, what ever.

i replyed to the question with "i don't do relationships." why don't i do relationships? because it's easier. i don't like wearing my heart on my sleave... most of all, i don't like being vunerable and opening myself up to the chance of getting hurt. yeah, i know if you don't take chances nothing will happen bla bla bla... but, i've taken chances and everytime i've ended up hurt. i don't like opening up to people, because when ever i let someone in... it doesn't end up good. i kinda can't win though, i either open up and get hurt, or i don't open up and i get hurt. it's shit and a never ending cycle. my life moto is "good time, not a long time". and, yeah that doesn't always work... but atleast i only have a one night "attachment", rather than months and months of attatchment and memories and "love".

i don't do relationships, but if i had the chance and a decent boy came along maybe i would... but for now, i'm remain the single one and not worry about relationships.

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