Sunday, April 24, 2011

i like who i am, i may have done some stupid shit in my life but i do not regret anything. it's made me who i am, and i am content with that. i may have major insecurities and issues, but without them i would not be me. it's time i appreciate me. everyday i get stronger, and heal more. everything happens for a reason, and i'm glad i have been through all the bull shit that i have been through. i have secrets and stories about my life that people will never know, a lady told me the other day that i have sad eyes, but at the same time they seem strong and have a hint of joy. that's me. i'm not a victim, i'm a survivour. i have the soul of a fighter, but a heart of gold. i may act a bitch, but really... i'm not. it's my guard. i am someone that the more you know, you'll be surprised and even shocked. but, from now on i shall not complain on who or what i am, because i am me. and no one else is me.

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lauren joy said...

YES. so proud of you.
i love you baby x