Saturday, February 12, 2011

sometimes i try put how i feel into words, but i really just can't. i end up getting frustrated at the fact no one understand, i get angry that i can never explain myself properly and i just end up making no sense. it's now at the point where all i can say is, why care? there's no point in giving a fuck. when you care, you end up hurting. i don't like feeling numb, but i like it more than hurting. i once constantly hurt and ache, so now i no longer care. fuck it. there's no point in caring and worrying what others think. time to be selfish and do me. i can't be bothered explaining myself, and most of all changing myself. i may not be super skinny, i may not be the smartest, nor the prettiest, sometimes i am a mess and sometimes i'm absolutely fine. but, y'know what... i'm human. fuck being perfect, and fuck caring that i am not perfect. 'cause, i am me. i make mistakes, i regret, i hurt, and i am far from perfect. but, i'm me and that's not gonna change. and, i'm happy with that. i'd rather be me, than be trying to be someone else, even if i don't always like myself. i'd rather be me, than an attempted carbon copy of what i never will be.

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