Thursday, January 13, 2011

dearest dick head,

i gave you everything i had to offer. every little part of me, you had... and still have. i don't have the strength or energy to put up with you and your shit any more. i told you i needed a break from you, so i could get over you. the break did nothing. seeing you today made me realise it. i deserve better than you, and i will get better than you. but, right now all i want is you. you have made me hate myself, and everything about myself... and, yet i still want you. you held me in your arms and told me you miss me and love me... but, y'know what? fuck you. fuck your smile, fuck the way you hold me when i'm angry at you, fuck that you give me your hoodie because i'm cold when i'm watching you play football, fuck how you kiss my forhead at random moments just because you can. but, most of all fuck the fact that i love you that little bit more than i hate you. i really wish i could hate you more, aye.

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