Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i have had the most amazing week.
i've spent the entire week with my bestfriend, and all our friends in hamilton.
it was amazing.

oh, the shit we do...
we went to auckland to see some of the boys band play. that ended in having mcdonalds ice cream thrown at cars, stupid eleven year old emos, being thug, being patted down and searched by security, and our usual ripping the shit out of eachother.
and in hamilton we went to art galleries and museums, we walked the hamilton gardens, drove around doing spontaneous dance parties in the middle of the night, went to cemeteries in the middle of the night, shat our selves, then played hardcore music, we found "skin heads, skin heads, lookin' for a fight!", went on two hour long bush walks in the dark and rain, went to temples, melva hill (as always) and so much more.
i actually hate leaving that place, i think it's time to seriously think about moving there...

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Anonymous said...

hamiltons mean
except it was -4 degrees there last night! wtfffff intense shit