Monday, May 3, 2010

my god,
i talk some serious rubbish.

me: i am the man. i have decided that i am going to wear a fake moustache to the ball.
steph: oh I love you haha
me: i love me too.
steph: ouch.. haha
me: but secretly, i love you more.
steph: I love you most x
me: impossible.
steph: yet not. cuse it's true
me: yet, shut the fuck up. i'm the man in this relationship. i know what's best as woman know nothing. and i know i love you most. more than you, as the woman, loves being in the kitchen.
oh, see what i did there... i was sexist and not funny. like most males... which proves why you and i, two girls, are in a relationship.
steph: hahahahahahaha oh you just made me lol and mum looked at me funny haha.
me: yeah, i'm a funny person y'know. that's why you and i date.
it's not just my rediculous good looks, or gentle touch, or senstive heart. i've got a bitta funny in me... and everyone loves a girl with a bit of funny in 'em.
steph: oh I know I do ;)
me: ;D plus, i am a dynamo in the sack.
me: oi, we should learn to shoot guns... then we can go hunting. no, not for animals... do i look like someone who whould kill an animal? we can go hunting for fun stuff... like cougars. cougars are always fun.

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