Friday, April 9, 2010

so, i'm kinda shitting myself.
in a way, my future kinda rests on tomorrow.
a few weeks ago, one of my teachers approached me with an offer, to pay for me to do a radio school trial day, i thought about it for a while and decided it is something i could really enjoy. and, a lot of people think i have what it takes, which kinda rules.
the thing is, i have always wanted to work with children and i had planned out that next year i was going to go to a nanny college and become a nanny, but i've secretly always been interested in radio and t.v. so, given an opportunity like this, i may as well take it, right? right.
i'm really excited to have a go at this radio thing tomorrow, but at the same time.. i'm absolutely pissing myself i'm that anxious. like, if i do really good, i've already been offered the chance to join the radio school which is super exciting. so tomorrow's really the deal maker for me, radio or nannying. wowee.
wish me luck.


Ben Hildred said...

What an awesome opertunity! good good luck :) things like this can lead to bigger and better things! x

Jennifer Kelley said...

Good luck! Hope you do well!

oh, hello sammy. said...

thanks heaps
(: x