Saturday, April 24, 2010

i can't believe i fell for all your tricks, you're a pig. i really don't understand how you can treat someone like this? you say you're not ignoring me, but after it happened you don't speak to me at all, when we would talk for hours on end almost every day. y'know, i really thought you were different. man, you had me fooled. you wasted months of my time, playing your silly little mind games slowly allowing me to fall for you, or what i thought was you. seriously, i hate that after everything you've done, not only do i want to hit you - i want to kiss you again. that hurts more than your fucking me around. i can't get you off my mind, and it pisses me off. i just keep replaying everything in my head trying to figure out where i went wrong, even though i know i did nothing wrong. you're the one that has done all wrong. you're the first guy i let near me in months, and even though you knew that... you still messed me around. i was scared to let you in, but i decided to take a chance and wear my heart on my sleeve. that took a lot for me to do. i showed you the real me, that took courage. if only i had enough courage to say all this to your face. but then again, maybe it's good that i don't. i don't want to lower myself to your level.
i hope karma gets you bad,
ass hole.

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