Sunday, March 21, 2010

wow, i have 30 followers.
i decided it's about time you all got to know me a bit more.
30 followers, so i'm thinking, 30 facts about myself (:
1. my full name is samantha paige mary lea griggs.
2. i'm 5ft2.
3. right now, i'm listening to weatherstar - postcards
4. i live with my mother, step father and baby brother.
5. i have my septum pierced.
6. i have bright green eyes, i like them.
7. favourite movie, dirty dancing.
8. i suffer ocd. it gets worse when i'm stressed or anxious.
9. my mumma is my hero.
10. my favourite colour is pink.
11. i love ash stymest.
12. i want to go backpacking around italy.
13. i have a grey mazda familia, with a huge dent in the back and bad sun burn.
15. ice cream is my weakness.
16. i drink far to much coffee, that is far to strong.
17. i work at the ymca.
18. i like lace.
19. skins is my favourite show.
20. my ears are stretched, left 10mm right 6mm.
21. i need to colour my hair, 'cause my regrowth is insane.
22. i like to play on the swings. it reminds me of being a kid.
23. i have a huge sterio in my room, yet i still just play music off my ipod's built in speaker.
24. snod is cool.
25. i don't talk to my biological father.
26. i'm scared of needles. like, panic attack or punch a nurse in the face scared.
27. i want to be a nanny when i grow up.
28. i'm really close with my grandfather, he means a lot to me. i love him.
29. i like reading while listening to acoustic music and drinking tea.
30. i'm 17 years old. born on january 23 1993.
p.s thankyou so much for following me!

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