Friday, March 19, 2010

John: About Elizabeth, and your reason for being here.
Freddie: Yeah man, what the fuck am I doing in your house?
John: Elizabeth and her mother have expressed dissatisfaction with my methods. It’s perfectly understandable. I am something of a maverick.
Freddie: You never helped her at all! She’s worse than she ever was now.
John: Anyway, I’m hoping to keep working with her regardless. There are some things I haven’t tried.
Freddie: Are you deaf? Listen, we don’t want you. Just stay the fuck away!
John: Indulge me a moment longer. I admit I was arrogant. Stupid. I made mistakes. I got too close, I feel terrible. I care too much.
Freddie: Stay away from her.
John: I’m too human! We are essentially creatures of instinct. Passing whims. And really on those profound moments. I can’t let you have her, I’m afraid. She really does love you, you know.
Freddie: Hey, come on. Just open the door, yeah?
this was one of the most intense things i have ever seen,
i cried, a lot. also felt sick.
still in shock, after almost a week.

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