Saturday, December 19, 2009

i also love having liv drive my car because it's illegal to drive with your right foot in a cast, and going absolutely insane while driving and pissing off every other car on the road.
i also love arriving at a beautiful campsite, that is free, and keeping up a grumpy old american that kicked us out of the campsite in the morning. i don't love the hundreds of frogs that kept me up all night. i hate frogs, they scare the crap outta me. i loved playing would you rather, us girls are gross! i loved ruby laughing so hard we all cried because her laugh is so funny. i didn't really enjoy how little bed i had thanks to jerusha and sophie. i love falling asleep at 1am, and being woken up at 5:30am.
something else i love, the fact the boys pitched their tent and then realised they forgot the tent cover.
i kinda do love the fact the boys decided to steal my car, and pick up a random polish hitch-hiker that was kicked out of australia.
i most defiantly love egging jamies car while speeding past her.
huka falls, i love you. so beautiful. new zealand is such a beautiful country. i didn't love having to walk for ages though, crutches are gay.

i absolutely love finding a sweet reserve in taupo, drinking ice tea, playing guitar and singing, getting a massage from kirsty, playing scum, watching andre bail completely while running, teasing jamie about her creep crush, listening to mew, watching dan and ben attack each other, reading and talking for hours. i love that everyone went swimming where the hot thermal water, and cold mountain water meets, but dan stayed with me cause i can't swim and reading then falling asleep to be woken up by ben attacking me.
not so much a fan of driving around for hours to find a sweet place to camp, that is free, and where you can light camp fires... finding the perfect place, then finding a sign that completely destroys that idea.

all in all, best fun i've had in a long time. beautiful places, great people and fun fun fun times!

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slock said...

Freakonomics is the book that has pretty much defined my life. Im going to be a Freakonomist for the rest of my life.