Sunday, May 24, 2009


have no idea how badly i miss you.
i want to talk to you, but i can't.
you've left, and taken a piece of me with you.
i don't mind, that much.

things will never go back to last year, that's how it is and, that's how i want it.
but i still want you in my life, i still want to be friends.
guess that's sometimes to much to ask for.

tomorrow is a new day, today is the end and the beginning.
i'm letting go of that 'extra baggage' and living my life new.

i feel like listening to bright eyes and drinking too much coffee.
i miss you lauren ness. alot.
i love you alot too.

i had a fun weekend, friday night party party party.
good to see people i haven't seen in years!

lastnight, maria's leaving party/show.
i really hate saying goodbye.
then jorji and emma stayed and we spent allllll night talking.
it was nice.

sleep, yes please.

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