Wednesday, May 13, 2009

jibber jabber.

i realised i stuff up alot, and i need to learn to keep my mouth shut at times.
i'm only human.

i found the prettiest ball dress the other day,
lets hope me going to elim college ball works out.
i want the dress so bad aha.
it's sexy.

hannah's coming over soon, we're going to make cup cakes.
i'm excited. i've missed her.

thank god for acc.
last year, fell in a hole (hahaha) and ruiuned my ankle, leg and foot.
as soon as it gets better i slip over and do it again.
now i need a MRI scan, maybe surgery and alot of physio.

one MRI scan cost like, $1,500. if i wasn't covered by acc i would be highly in debt and very poor.

oh the joys and costs of being a cluts.

it's may, so it's new zealand music month.

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