Friday, May 15, 2009


i'm beginning to trust again.
i'm beginning to love with my whole heart.
i'm beginning to appreciate things more.
i'm letting the wounds heal and the pain to dissolve.

i'm not going to live my life in someones shadow or in the past.
i am me.

my past may not be the best, but my future will be.
i'm taking a step of faith.
living my life not knowing what will happen, and not worrying about what may happen.

i drew little hearts everywhere today.
red, black, pink and blue. (:

i drew one on my left hand, in a way, it reminds me to love myself, and love others.

you need to love yourself, before you can love anyone else.

a lot of things have been really tough lately, but today i decided it's going to be, okay.

everything will be okay.

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