Saturday, May 9, 2009


it's 6pm on a saturday night.
i'm in bed.

lastnight was so so so much fun.
i needed a night out.
i am actually, so impressed and stoked on lastnight.
i'm a party animal!

-in a wherehouse/appartment/house thing in the industrial area of the mount.
-a super massive strobe.
-a dj!
-part suplies.
-good people and good fun.
i can't remeber having that much fun in so so so so sooo long.
i danced for hours!

then i slipped over and re-did my ankle.
so i'm back on my crutches.

but it was worth it.

i had NO sleep.
up till after 3am talking and continuing the party at the boys flat!
and i woke up at like, 7am.
and hopped to cay and jumped on her (:

happy 18th Tony, happy 19th Zac.
best party ever!

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